fellow civs

February 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

in trying to retrace my steps to find my phone: 

  • walkin 
  • in dining room talking about dinner
  • guitar practice
  • mashed potatos / porkchops / gravy

generally, i seem to have a good life. the guitar practice, though, is not mine.  

so why do i keep putting off washing my hair?  it’s work. that spray from the drugstore doesn’t seem to be making a difference. nothing works except the work. 

so you tuck yourself into a little organic ball. grass fed. but i need to know what another city looks like in the summer. i researched trips for academics. i am not a good academic. 

i think that all old Honda Civics are in a club together, and we’re all buddies. i forget that this isn’t true. i see another dented silver late 90s jam on the road, i say hey mannnn! mellow mushroom. then he cuts me off! or rides my ass! i don’t understand. 

it is so much easier to imagine a relationship like that. i often have very intimate moments with complete strangers. i realize these connections sustain me. there are the friends whose names i know and then there are people in waiting rooms–can barely talk to them most of the time. 

then a prism shifts underground somewhere.  it becomes clear that we are in a tragedy wine club together or we both shop at the holy shit store. the tragedy barn. remind me, next week i’ll tell you about it. 

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