the grabber

December 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

it feels so odd to write, but also it feels so odd not to. you think christmas is going to be special, but it is just another day, isn’t it? i brushed my teeth at the end of it and read in bed. 

of course it’s another day. you’ve got another thing coming. if you stare at any spot on the wall long enough it will start to move. 

last night i watched a young adult supernatural teen romance movie. it’s not a favorite genre, but i will make exceptions as need be. in the end i found myself charmed and embarrassed. but everything seems to embarrass me these days. i need a fucking haircut. 

ohhhhh was santa good to you

can we stop talking about santa? 

i’m having a new years party but think i would like much more to travel sideways to another dimension. in this dimension i open a door behind the television and no one notices i’m gone and they don’t make any noise. also there are chocolate dipped marshmallows for consumption.

the most amazing thing that happened this year was that i kayaked willingly. also, i bought a christmas tree. this year we tried on several occasions to donate the grabber, but we can’t. 

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