the style at the time

September 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

1. today i made myself a precious little snack and had a silly little drink and felt fancy and stupid.

2. mickey keeps running towards me at high speeds, eyeing my feet. not long ago, she attacked my feet and angles on a regular basis. now she seems content just to run and stare.

oh sure, i understand.

3. the man across the street gives guitar lessons. a few times a week someone leaves his house, holding a guitar case. but it could be filled with guns or drugs.

sometimes i feel like i’m in a novel world.

oh sure, it’s easier to talk to yourself than to create something new, isn’t it? except for little snacks.

i once painted twelve portraits in a week. and only eight of them were shit! that’s the kind of artistic perseverance this company needs.

you see, johnson, ever since our company was founded, we’ve been in the business of fulfilling visions and opening lives.  that’s the motto my grandfather came up with himself, when he crawled out of a ditch during the Great Depression, slid down main street in his britches (back then main street had no cars) (and we wore onions on our belts as was the style) built this building out of leftover pine scraps and started this business with only one thing in mind: snacks.

snacks, johnson, snacks.

snacks are the beginning, as they were then for my grandfather, but they are also our middle, and, it hardly needs saying, our end. snacks are what separate us from the beasts–

one second, did you know there is a bruno mars song about gorillas and making love? heard it on the radio. i immediately changed it, because my ears began filling themselves with fluid as a protective measure. but i’m certain it was a joke, or art. it’s probably a bad sign, isn’t it, that i think everything is an elaborate piece of conceptual art.

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