beach decor

August 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

here at the beach, you can move diagonally in time, but not really forward.

the condiments in the fridge are old; don’t eat them.

i think that wreath is new this year.
which one?
the one with the pink shells and the grassy things.
no that was here last year.

is that crab place up north still open?
yes, but it’s no good anymore.

liz, what’s a hashtag?

why are all the waitresses from the former soviet union?

you used to run around like that, no pants.

they won’t buy back my old books.

i’m always fine with dairy queen.
me too. don’t ask me to decide.

didn’t i pack you a fancier shirt?
this isn’t fancy?
probably no one will care here.
i don’t remember who gave it to me.

viking or pirate golf?

this house was for sale last year.

those idiots have been building since last year.

i predicted them breaking up last year.
come on.
i did!

what about that donut place?
they were out of the good ones.

is that pizza place okay?
i can’t remember.

we have this conversation every year.

is the italian place still owned by that asshole?
how did you remember that?

is the sub place on this block?
yes, but it’s no good anymore.

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