blackberry lavender popsicles

July 4, 2013 § Leave a comment


oh i know i’m not in good shape when i forget the dressings at the salad bar. love them dressings! i’m the kind of person who mixes a bunch of them together when no one is looking.

i’m going to go steal some lavender buds. be right back.

oh no one will know this pie’s intent. i smiled at the cashier wearing a red shirt and blue eyeliner. who buys a bunch of lemons, berries, an entire cherry pie for any reason other than to bring to a fourth of july gathering?

who would buy them to bring to the dark still clammy air, home with no curtains in the kitchen–the neighbors in the back are having a legitimate party (meaning, there are multiple people there, and they are having a good time). and they can see me here. i slid into another dimension, but the nation is having a sleepover birthday party.

the nation invited me but i declined. i am declining at this very moment!

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