January 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

when Guy goes away on his camping trip, i go into my own little retreat, wherein i wear pajamas all day, cook, clean, and play computer games, write more (or think about writing more).

i visited my old blog. i saw from the sitemeter (which routed me to an ad for the new myspace, so i’m old, fuck FUCK) that someone had been there recently. i wondered who it was and starting remembering when i used to write.

then i clicked on the visitor detail and it was someone in Turkey searching for “greekbuts ass.”

strangely it restored my faith in humanity. i miss the old internet, whatever that means. then as if it wasn’t amazing enough, i realized i must have, at some point, typed greekbuts ass in my old blog. i’m filled with a joy.

From “Notes on Dialogue” by Stringfellow Barr: “This, perhaps, is because men are most like the gods when they think; because, nevertheless, they are emphatically not gods; and because, for godlike animals, this fact is so thoroughly funny.”

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