late january rain

January 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

today i felt my best while coming out of a highs dairy store, jogging lightly through the rain. i paid 2.25 / gallon for gas.

i held a small hot chocolate and had just decided not to buy a small pie, and i was proud of myself. the rain puddles should have made me nervous, and i pretended to be nervous for the benefit of the people at the gas station.

my winter coat makes me feel tight and smart, but it does not have a hood. this is all a way of saying that i was on display at the gas station. who was i then?

i was on my way back to baltimore after a good day. i had a tangelo in my bag.

things were at their strangest then, with the clouds laid thick and choking. the sky was lower by many degrees, and other cars skitted around each other, wary of the lowered border.

i was like the tangelo in my purse, somehow. i felt like the tangelo was the right object for me. it was supposed to be there and we knew each other even though we were new friends.

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